Yogita Masala Chai Customer Testimonials

“Yogita Chai is an amazingly perfect blend of fine ingredients. I am a frequent traveller to India and Nepal and a lover of chai and the ritual that goes with brewing it, drinking it, smelling it and sharing it. I’ve tried for years to find and make a blend that is “just so” yet haven’t been able to. This is it though – it smells good, tastes good and feels good. Takes me to exotic places in my own living room :)”  Jo

“The best Chai tea I have ever had. It is full of wonderful flavours and is so easy to prepare I am thoroughly enjoying it.” Heather

“Warming blend of tea with thoughtfully blended ingredients. I have been brewing my Yogita Chai with a small long handled tea saucepan on the stove, adding milk and honey accordingly (in what is apparently the traditional way) There is something wonderful about the whole process of brewing done like this. As one who is something of a connoisseur of teas, I can recommend it as a very lovely brew, and perfect for winter as well.”  Meredith

“I love it …simply with water you can feel all the spices in your mouth! Today I’ve also tried it with foam milk…delicious!”  Maria

“There is something therapeutic about Yogita Chai as it is calming yet invigorating, soothing and truly enchanting :-)”  Evelyn

“We have been enjoying the yogita chai almost every day this week. Beautiful flavor! Also love how it only takes a couple of minutes to make :)”  Daniel

“Yogita chai is really delicious and the perfect drink on these cold winter days. The blend is really aromatic and very flavoursome, hits the spot on these cold winter days. I love it.”  Melissa

“I really enjoyed the Chai tea. Lovely winter treat.”  Andrea

“Thoroughly enjoying my first cup of Yogita Chai! What a wonderful find :)”  J.

“Love the Yogita Chai….The beautiful aroma and spices are just perfect for a cold winter day or night…delicious nice warm drink xx”  Cate

“It’s rare to get a chai that has such nicely blended whole spices. The perfect mix with black tea leaves gives a very authentic flavor that I really enjoyed.” Dinie