Uniqueness of Yogita Chai Masala Organic Recipe


Yogita Chai Latte with Yogita Masala Chai smYogita Chai Masala Organic tell us when they first try our Masala (Spiced) Chai is the depth and richness of the spice & tea flavours, resulting in the delicious taste.

At Yogita Chai we believe in bringing you an authentic organic Chai of India without compromising its true tradition and original recipes.

A few reason why Yogita Chai is unique is that we sampled and researched many different types of black tea and found a very high quality organic Ceylon Black Tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka, provided the richness of aroma and flavours that suited our Masala Chai best.  This allows us to get the perfect proportion of tea to spices we use. Our ‘Masala Organic’ blend uses approx. 50% Tea / Spices ratio.  When you check other commercial chai blends, you will discover that most of them use a much higher tea to spice ratio (usually 65% to 85% tea), resulting in a slightly spiced tea rather than a full-bodied Masala Chai!

Obviously, our Chai recipe is one of the key secrets and why our Chai stands out from the rest: It has taken us over 20 years to perfect the recipe!

So what else makes Yogita Chai recipe so unique and deliciously different? Our ‘Masala Organic’ blend has a very high proportion of Green Cardamom and Ginger which are the foundations of a great Chai. Along with some cloves to add a wonderful flavour and aroma to the Chai mix, but too much cloves overpowers the taste buds and suppresses the flavour of the other spices. Then we also add Cinnamon, Star Anise, Nutmeg, and Black Peppercorn. So, you can see that getting these spice ratios right, is vital for the well-balanced flavour that you are able to experience in every cup of Yogita Chai 🙂

At Yogita Chai we choose to use the healthier and tastier ‘True’ Cinnamon instead of the commonly used ‘Cassia’ Cinnamon. ‘True’ Cinnamon has a sweeter subtle flavour and a more enjoyable aroma. Importantly it does not have the negative health concerns that ‘Cassia’ Cinnamon has (see my blog on “True Cinnamon versus Cassia Cinnamon”).

But this is not where the story ends: Preparing a good Chai is an art in itself as spices respond differently to how they are handled, blended and brewed and it was a challenge getting a great tasting cup of traditional Masala Chai latte without spending 15 to 20 minutes preparing and brewing it! From years of sampling and brewing, Yogita Chai has perfected how we grind and hand-blend our spices and tea to work wonderfully with our quick brewing technique, this ensures any of us can get a delicious cup of authentic Masala Chai Latte at home, in the same time it takes to make a pot of tea (see my blog on “How to quickly brew Yogita Chai Latte”)

To get the healthiest and best flavours, nothing beats using Certified Organic Ingredients for 100% of the ingredients going into our Yogita Chai Masala Organic blend. Plus we are all helping to improve our environment for future generations.

We hope you enjoy Yogita Chai as much as we do 🙂

Please drop us a note if you have any questions, we love getting your feedback. Thank you 🙂

The Chai Wallah 🙂